The following Courses and others are available on demand with specific dates to be arranged with respective clients.


 Accountable Manager’s Course

Advanced Aircraft Maintenance Planning

Aircraft Maintenance Management

Aircraft Structural Repairs

Airlaw (Regulations) for Engineers-(Interpreting and Understanding Nig.CARs 2015)

Airlaw (Regulations) for Pilots-(Interpreting and Understanding Nig.CARs 2015)

Airline Management Course

Aviation Business Continuity Planning (ABCP) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DPR)

Basic Meteorology (Aeromet)          

Cargo and Baggage Handling

Chief Pilots’ Course             

Continuing Airworthiness Assurance

Crew Resource Management

Customer Service Orientation Course (CSO)

Dispatch Resource Management (DRM) for Flight Operations Officers     

Engineering Manager’s Course

Flight Operations Management

Flight Operations Quality Assurance (Flight Data Analysis)

Fuel Tank Safety 

Fuel Quality Assurance Course

Ground Operations Course

Helicopter Landing Officers Course (HLO)

Human Performance & Limitation for Airline Operations Personnel         

Information Security Governance and Risk Management in Government

Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance Management for the Financial Sector

Introduction to Aviation Management

Management of Air Navigation Systems and Safety

Minimum Equipment List (MEL) Training.

Nominated Post Holder’s Course

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Courses

Physical and Environmental Security in Aviation

Principles and Methods of Accident Prevention

Ramp Services Course

Time and Stress Management in Workplace

Train – the – Trainers 

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