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Aeroconsult Ltd.

Aeroconsult Ltd is a world-class aviation service provider and training organization based in Lagos, Nigeria. With a commitment to excellence, Aeroconsult Ltd has established itself as a premier provider of aviation services and training in Nigeria and beyond.

Learning Environment

Our learning facility enhances effective learning exchange between the lecturer and students.

Skilled Lecturers

We are experienced professional trainings team who have trained in several capacities in avaition industry.

Professional Certification

We are a certified trainer by NCAA. We offer certificationa & license in the aviation industry. ATO/AA/002

Welcome To Aeroconsult

Our Vision

To be a world-class aviation service provider and training organization, being one of the best in Africa.

Our Mission 

Pulling together the highest level of Aviation resources to sustain professional standards and professionalism in the entire Aviation Industry through training, promoting safety and quality for excellent services and global best practices.

Aviation Trainings

Aeroconsult Ltd is an approved training school with over 1000 trained professionals in the aviation industry.

Consultancy Services

Aeroconsult Ltd is a leading specialist aviation technical consultancy firm in Nigeria offering services in operations, engineering and management consulting to aviation and allied industries.

Approved Training Centre

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