We wish to inform all our esteemed clients that due to the current economic realities in the country which have impacted negatively on our cost of operations and in order to remain in business and to continue to provide quality and efficient services to all our customers, all our Professional Development Courses, with the exception of CRM and DGR shall be increased from N95,000 to N120,000 beginning from the 1st of September 2023.

CRM & DGR (Categories 7 & 8) will now be                                            N150,000.

For the Licensed Courses;

B737 Classic Initial will now go for                                                        N850,000

B737 NG Differential                                                                            N400,000

AMLPC                                                                                                N1,000,000

A reasonable discount will be accorded multiple registrations of courses.

Registration and payment for the upcoming courses done within the month of August shall still attract the current fees.

We appreciate your understanding as we all weather the present economic storm in our nation.

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